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Part IV – Sneak Peak

If Chicks Ran the NFL – Part 4 – Sneak Peek
By Ivette Ricco

I’m in my fifth year of as the self-appointed Commissioner of Female Football Fans but you can call Femme-Commish.
As the Femme-Commish I have made the recognition, acknowledgment and acceptance of the female fan by the NFL, my number one priority.

It is, to coin a phrase, the right year, for the right cause, for the right people and I plan to stay the course.
I’ve been mandated by the millions of female football fans to continue to represent them.

Have we made some strides? Yes a few.
We are now able to purchase a limited (very limited) number of NFL products made to fit women rather than 300 pound men.

The media is more aware of us and likes to focus on us right around Super Bowl time, it’s a cute angle for bored sports reporter tired of writing about the usual jocks.

The NFL is a very lucartive business. They like to think they care about their customers, the fans. But the reality is they are only providing the very minimum for their female fan base which accounts for approximately 40% of their fans, and possibly accounts for more than that when it comes to the consumption of NFL products.

Last season, viewership averaged 15.5 million regular season viewers, 56 percent higher than the average 9.9 million prime time viewers among the four major networks — its widest margin ever. Additionally, the NFL Network’s debut was an industry success, quickly validating the NFL’s $100 million development investment.

It’s not as if the NFL is hurting for money. The bedrock of the NFL marketing plan remains its eight-year, $17.6 billion television deal with ABC, CBS, and Fox.

Corporate America continues its support as well. At the Super Bowl, Visa renewed its league sponsorship for six years at $300 million — including a $50 million annual combined rights fee and a minimum guaranteed spend.

The league continues to reach more affluent fans than most other sports. Over 31.5 percent of NFL fans own a home valued at over $150,000 according to recent marketing surveys.

Women make up nearly 40 percent of the NFL’s fan base.

Condeleeza Rice and Marg Helgenberger are avid NFL fans.

Condeleeza Rice and Marg Helgenberger are avid NFL fans.

The men say, “What more do these girls want?” “We let them attend the games, we let them sit with us at the sports bars, and we let them pretend to know and understand football”. “What more do the ladies want from us, the real experts and lovers of football?”
And that is the same question Mr. Tagliabue and the 32 owners pose.
What else? Well, I’ll tell ya’ what else.

How about a NFL liaison for us? Someone whose job it is to communicate with its fans and who will dedicate her time and efforts to exploring our needs and desires?

How about incorporating some of the ideas in “If Chicks Ran the NFL”?
How about a department within the NFL that works to enhance and nurture this fan base?
How about an annual convention for these fans, perhaps held Super Bowl week?

How about working with www.femmefan.com to create this position and department?

The clear choice is none other than Ivette Ricco to act as the NFL’s official Female Fan Liaison.
How about it gentlemen?

Ivette would attend the all the pre Super Bowl festivities as the official representative of 43% of your fan base.
How about it, huh, huh, huh?

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