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ivetteandcheeseheads1In 1999, Ivette Ricco, then Vice President of a financial services company, decided the time was right to provide the female fan a place on the web that covered sports from the female’s unique perspective. 

Ivette, an avid football fan since her teen years in New York, realized that there were many women, like her, following sports on a regular basis, but nothing was available to meet their needs. Even team apparel wasn’t available in women’s sizes, forcing the female fan to try and fit into logo apparel meant for 300-pound men. And thus an idea was born, and in March of 2000 Femmefan.com was launched.

Women have invested in their favorite sport (emotionally, intellectually, and financially), for years; but their passion, commitment and interest is quite different than that of their male counterparts.

Women, although avid about sports, are not nearly as intrigued by the unending statistics and scores as men are. Women want to know about the people in the uniforms, their lives, their families, and what makes them tick. Women want to view their athletic “icons” in a human way, “Up Close and Personal”.

This concept has enabled Femmefan to stand-alone in the world of Sports-related web sites, and has earned Femmefan a large and loyal following.
Femmefan’s articles, written by women and men, combine humor, and passion; with a little “dirt” thrown in for good measure. Femmefan subscribes to the theory that games are meant to be fun, and we are always about having a good time.

Sometimes humorous, other times edgy and provocative, but never boring – Femmefan.com is the premier on-line magazine for the female sports junkie (guys love us too!)

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