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Week 15 – Football as a distraction

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I have had a tough time writing my weekly article. The shootings in Connecticut, a senseless act that left innocent children dead is a painful reminder that we as Americans have not addressed violence, guns, and mental illness adequately.
The games we play and watch and are passionate about are an escape. And it is why, with a heavy heart, I write my weekly update, in an abbreviated form that mirrors my sorrow for the many affected by this unspeakable tragedy.

Featured writer: Barbara Bruno, Huffington Post.
Barabara offers her football views and picks.
When making those water cooler Week 15 NFL Picks, consider the football youth explosion at quarterback. The 2012 NFL season has become the Year of the Rookie as Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Ryan Tannehill and Brandon Weeden have taken firm control of their respective franchises. Out of the night (via Richmond, Virginia) came Wilson, who is leading all of the young guns: completing 63 percent of his passes with 20 TDs and only nine interceptions.*

Another week of NFL madness is in the books.
Looking back on the season it seems pretty clear that nothing is guaranteed.
Teams favored to win their divisions and/or get into the playoffs:

Saints: The Saints’ season has been a disaster. How much of their losing record can be attributed to the Bounty scandal?
Eagles: The Eagles free fall continues. I suspect the “Dream Team” tag will not be used by other teams any time soon.
Jets: The J-E-T-S big talk has not translated into big wins.
Cowboys: “America’s Team”? Says who? Jerry Jones?
The teams who are peaking at the right time are:
Patriots, Packers, Giants, Redskins, Colts.

My Niners are in the middle somewhere. The stout defense and the pounding running game are their staple. Kap adds a different dynamic, but although they likely will get in the playoffs, the second seed and the NFC division title are very much in doubt. But I support the change at quarterback. However, if Kap falters and the Niner miss the playoffs or don’t play well in the playoffs expect a lot of second guessing here in Niner country.

Last week picks netted me a record of 9-7. Upsets, yes indeed.
Rams at Bills: Pick Bills :( Rams are rolling under Jeff Fischer
Cowboys at Bengals: Pick Bengals :( Bengals gave this game away
Chiefs at Browns: Pick Browns :) Chiefs working on their draft picks.
Titans at Colts: Pick Colts :) Exciting times in Indy
Chicago at Vikings: Pick Bears :( Bears slipping
Chargers at Steelers: Pick Steelers :( What? 
Eagles at Bucs: Pick Bucs :( The Iggles pull one out.
Falcons at Panthers: Pick Falcons :( Did anyone see this coming?
Dolphins at Niners: Pick Niners :) It was no walk in the park.
Saints at Giants: Pick Giants :) The real G-Men showed up for this one.
Arizona at Seattle: Pick Seattle :) What a beat-down.
Lions at Packers: Pick Packers :)
Texans at Patriots: Pick Patriots :)

Week 15 Picks
Chiefs at Raiders – Pick Raiders, Raider get the NFL’s low hanging fruit.
Niners at Patriots – Pick Niners, Huge game for the Niners. All eyes are on Kap.
Packers at Bears – Pick Packers, They are coming on strong.
Bucs at Saints – Pick Saints, Tagliabue vindicated the players, they will be fired up.
Vikings at Rams – Pick Rams, This could go either way.
Colts at Texans – Pick Texans, Texans are mighty angry after being embarrassed on MNF.
Giants at Falcons – Pick Giants, The G-Men are a more complete team.
Redskins at Browns – Pick Redskins, Can go the other way depending on how RGIII is feeling.
Jaguars at Dolphins – Pick Dolphins, The Fish are improving.
Broncos at Ravens – Pick Ravens, The Ravens need to win this game.
Panthers at Chargers – Pick Chargers, Coaches playing for their jobs.
Lions at Arizona – Pick Lions, Arizona is a hot mess.
Seattle at Bills – Pick Bills, Seahawks are hot, but road games are their nemesis.
Steelers at Dallas – Pick Steelers, Steelers will pull out a close game.
Jets at Titans – Pick Jets, Desperation time.
Falcons at Lions – Pick Lions, Another tough test for the Falcons.

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