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It’s Football Time Baby!

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Ray Edwards

I haven’t been exactly hibernating, but I have been very busy with my life away from femmefan.com
September ushers in Indian Summer, fall colors, fresh crisp smells and my favorite time of year, it’s football time baby!
Time to stock the fridge with game time goodies, chips, dips, wine, beer, cheese and crackers.
It’s the time of year my family knows to leave me the heck alone as I go through my Sunday (and Thursday and Monday) game day rituals. Turn on the TV, go to every network that has NFL news, updates, games, etc on it.
This ritual begins bright and early on Sundays. I jump out of bed at around 6-7 am and head to the TV. On my way there I start the coffee, grab the Sunday paper and then prop my ever growing butt onto the couch.

If the 49ers have a home game, well it’s the usual frenetic tailgate packing ritual and we’re out the door by 8:15 am.

I’ve given up predicting which teams will play in the Super Bowl, even the guys who make a living at this don’t fare very well in this league of surprises and parity.

I am ready to just sit back, relax and watch the 2012 season unfold.
There is one thing that catches my eye when I watch the NFL, and that is the absolutely amazing condition these athletes are in. I wouldn’t mind being stranded in a locker room full of NFL players just so I could admire their incredible physiques. How do they get that way?
I know they train, they work out and they lift weights, it’s a part of their job description. But is their diet different? Do they use special body builiding supplements?
It’s a little bit too late for me to start body building. In fact I’m in the body rebuilding stage of my life. That means thinking seriously about the sagging neck, puffy eyes, drooping eyelids, and belly fat. For me it’s time to consider a little nip and tuck, training this old body is out of the question!
But I do enjoy these handosme young men in their amazing machines! Oh yes indeed.

I know my nephew Willie wants to start the trash talking for this season.
He, a G-Man fan and me a Niners fan. Last season he got the best of me as his G-Men pulled out the W in the NFC Chmapionship game and went on to win the Super Bowl. They won it, they deserved it. But it’s a new season.
But, let’s not forget that every NFL season brings a cart load of surprises and this season will be no different.
The G-Men did not look like Champions in last night’s opening game against their division rivals (and the team I reserve all my hate for) the Cowboys. Truth be told the Cowboys outplayed the G-Men, on defense and on offense. Romo outplayed Eli and Jerry Jones didn’t have to look stupid(er) for once.

On Sunday we get back to football life in earnest. My Niners face the Packers in Lambeau. We have not been successful there. How will the “Who’s Got It Better Than Us” Niners do this season with another year of Harbaugh magic?
I think they will win the NFC West and get a playoff game. But they best not rest on their laurels because there will be tough competition this year.
Go Niners!

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