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Why Athletes Love to Gamble

Submitted by femmefan on June 25, 2012 – 12:34 pmNo Comment

You may wonder when you see the occasional story on the news why star athletes, in the prime of their lives and making a fortune, risk losing it all over a few simple games. Well, unfortunately the history of bad gambling decisions suggests that many athletes are almost pre-disposed to playing casino games – it takes self-confidence bordering on arrogance to be a superstar sportsman or athlete, but that confidence can go too far and lead to some bad decisions. Director for the Center of Gaming Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, David Schwartz says, “All their lives, these guys have been the best at what they do, so they’re used to beating the house.”
Adrenaline also plays a big part in both sports and gambling. Athletes are often adrenaline junkies who enjoy a quick and intense thrill, just the sort that casino games provide. Unfortunately, this can also often lead athletes to less savoury means of gambling, for example underground poker games where losing can mean more than just money. These sinister avenues could easily be avoided – there are many highly reputable casinos and gaming houses out there, such as Ladbrokes.com where any athlete could choose to play. If they were worried about the press taking photos and passing opinion on their presence in a casino, they could always go online and join one of the hundreds of reliable, regulated casino websites.
Whilst dangerous games of poker and other means of gambling may provide more of a thrill to an athlete’s system, there is just as much excitement to be had from legitimate gaming, with less risk but a similar potential pay out. Perhaps an even greater one! Sure, the stakes may not be as high – but when you’re earning hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, you don’t need to bet that big.

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