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Female Super Bowl? Ladies in the Spotlight

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Check out Ivette Ricco as featured in the Huffington Post.By: TwitterButtons.com
By TwitterButtons.com

Sundays are just not the same. I don’t jump out of bed and turn on ESPN, the NFL Network, or Fox. ”The Boys” on Fox are my favorites.
No Sundays just aren’t the same without NFL action.

Some fans seem content to fill their sports void with basketball and baseball.
But I find that these sports pale in comparison to American Football.
Where’s the excitement, where’s the physical presence, where’s the non-stop action? Where’s the - every play – every game counts – do – or – die mentality?
No these games just don’t do it for me.

NFL 2011 had a little of everything. But before the season started the threat of life without football was very real indeed. Thus we commenced to wring our hands and cross our fingers. Oh what would we do without the NFL?
But, ultimately the players and the owners couldn’t see themselves giving up billions of dollars. Once the season began and we let out a collective sigh of relief, the next worry bead was how prepared teams could possibly be without OTA’s and training camp? And how about those new coaches? How could they pull it all together in such a short period of time? What about the rookies, how could they possibly have an impact?
The answer: Jim Harbaugh, Aldon Smith, Cam Newton, Von Miller, AJ Green and Andy Dalton. But…what about the veterans? Would they come into camp in shape? But the answers were provided very quickly. Coaches and players, by and large, were ready to go. This is an addiction people.
The only super star player not ready to go is/was Peyton Manning. But that’s another story.

So here we are now after watching a really great Super Bowl victory by the 9-7 New York Giants! It was a season that saw the Packers and Aaron Rodgers go 15-1 and appear to be headed to another Super Bowl. It was a season when the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees were arguably the best team in all of football and headed to a showdown with the Packers in Green Bay.
But, as they say, the best laid plans…
Yes, the number one NFC seed Packers, lost on their home field to the G-Men. Shocking! 
The number two NFC seed 49ers with Alex Smith, beat the high flying Saints and Drew Brees at crumbling Candlestick in a game for the ages. Stunning! 

The perennial favorite and number one seed in the AFC, the New England Patriots, were dismissed, yet again, in the Big Game, by the NY Giants. Crazy!
And then there was Tebow Mania. Ridiculous!
Just how much fun can one game offer humanity?

So here I sit, catching up on reading, music, movies and passing the hours until things heat up again for the 2012 NFL season.
A season in which we can again expect the unexpected.
You have got to love it! Sunday, bloody, Sunday.
Ivette Ricco

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