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Beer and Broads – I’ll Have Another

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Beers and Broads – I’ll Have Another.
By Ivette Ricco

Back in May of 2001 I wrote a story about beer and broads.
It was perhaps my most popular story and men as well as women enjoyed debating the topic.
Almost ten years later, women, and more specifically, young, female, sports fans, are the object of the beer industry’s affection.
I felt it was time to review what has happened in the last nine years.

Now we have a new generation of women, women who enjoy a pint or two. They are young, beautiful, vibrant and sexy. They are the new generation of female sports fans.
Men and women alike are enjoying some of the same sports “pleasures” and activities heretofore the exclusive domain of men. One of my pet peeves in 2001 was the lack of female team apparel.  Progress has been made on that front. Fantasy football was also dominated by male fans, but no more. Women enjoy their “thing” but they also enjoy many of the activities men enjoy.
Men and women can place bets on big games over at gamebookers.com

Amstel Light, the USA’s best selling imported light beer has been running a commercial that shows a woman opening a bottle with her teeth and spitting the cap across the bar. Other beer brands are likely to target this market in this year’s Super Bowl commercials.
And why not? Women make up the fastest growing fan base in sports. The male dominated market still hasn’t figured out just how to market to these young women but they do know that “girls” like to have fun. If you’ve been to any “hot spots” lately or have watched Girls Gone Wild, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Light beers continue to lead the way in popularity. I had never seen as many new commercials for beer or it’s derivatives as I saw over the last 9 years. The (previous ads) had only one note-worthy addition, the Heineken spot where the neglected male date, maintains his composure as he is neglected and abused by his date, that is, until she pours his Heineken into her glass.

Other note-worthy beverages targeted for the young market are the ale beverages with interesting names such as Lemon-Hard, Zima, and Ice, all ale-products in hard liquor clothing.

And Michelob has another type of brew, Michelob Ultra, a whole new family of brew. Remember the infamous beer belly, well this brew is going to let you get hammered and keep your girlish figure too. With 2.9 grams of carbs, Michelob Ultra, is slimmed down from the usual 7 grams of carbs in a regular beer to 5 grams in Ultra.

Dave Peacock, a vice president for the St. Louis based brewer says, “If you’re drinking Michelob Ultra, your traditional six-pack’s going to look a little better.” “As we’ve seen carbohydrate consciousness increases in consumers, we realized there’s a place for this.” He added. “For people who work out or are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we thought this made sense.”

The new lager packs 96 calories per 12 ounces, with 4.1 percent alcohol content, roughly the same as a light beer and less than 150 calories and 5 percent alcohol than its regular brethren. The process was developed over 18 months by Michelob brewmeisters, cooks the beer’s grain mash three times its normal cycle. “What’s great about it is the process we used,” Peacock said. “It breaks down the carbs, but doesn’t get rid of the taste.”

So where does all this attention get us, the female sports fan that enjoys a beer, or two while enjoying the game? Is the beer industry targeting the young male with the six-pack abs and sweaty torso? Or is the beer industry targeting the weight conscious female market?   Or is the beer industry going for the whole “health” conscious, weight conscious, image conscious market?

My guess is they are going for it all, and we’ve not come all that much further – baby.
Bottoms Up!

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